For Sale/Rent By Owner has created the 1st Smart Open Listing Platform where Home Owners have more control over their property listing by offering more innovative creative tools to help them market their properties more effectively.
On Home Owners Can:
       - List unlimited properties for sale or rent without any contracts.
       - Chose how much to pay Buyers or Real Estate Professionals or Chose no one to pay on sale/rental of their property
       - Chose which currency, Crypto, NftS to pay in or get paid in on the sale/rental of their property.
       - Create unlimited open houses
       - Lead management tools.
       - Lead tracking.
       - Ask other professionals for guidance.
       - And much much more.
       - Join now to explore all the features has to offer.
The best part is service fees are optional. Meaning you feel has been beneficial you can pay us whatever amount you deem is fair and if not you don't have to anything.
- main objective is to provide a powerful Open Listing Platform with better listing options for Home Owners & Real Estate Professionals by offering creative tools to market their properties more efficiently.